Center School Finds its Field of Dreams

The Center School has located and agreed to acquire 30 acres of pastoral beauty and wonder for its new campus. The site, located in Greenfield, MA, possesses extensive woodland, small pastures, a “Sound of Music” hillside and wildflower-laden meadow, streams, a vernal pool, a wealth of flora and fauna, and direct access to local hiking trails and conservation areas. It is truly a school’s dream come true. The opportunity for students to “spill out” into nature to play and explore, to relax and reflect, to study and commune with nature and peers is a curricular, social, and spiritual delight.

Over the past year, KSC searched the Pioneer Valley—an area known for its lush farmland, commitment to land conservation, strict zoning, and ever shrinking development opportunities—for just such a hidden gem. Hundreds of properties were identified and inspected in attempt to satisfy the school’s determination to find the right location, size, price, environmental diversity, and develop-ability. Voila!

The project is fully in the design and permitting stages of pre-development with construction on the 25,000sf Phase 1 classroom and administrative building scheduled to commence in December 2019. If all goes as planned, the doors will open for the start of the winter term January 2021.

Good things truly do come to those who are willing to wait!

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The Center School’s

30 Acre Future Campus

Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy Commences Site Search and Capital Campaign

With KSC’s support, Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy has taken significant steps toward fulfilling its dream of a home of its own. The NKMA Board of Trustees authorized the official start of an intensive 10+ acre site search in the Northern Kentucky area to house its new and expanded campus. In addition, NKMA will firmly launch its Capital Campaign to help fund the land acquisition and Phase 1 of its Capital Project: a projected a $6.0 million, 15,000sf classroom and administrative facility for Montessori programs age 2 - grade 6. Completion is projected for Fall 2021.

Presently NKMA is home to 93 students. The new campus will allow for expansion of its toddler, Children’s House and Elementary programs, and the potential for enrollment of 145 students.

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NKMA Concept Campus Master Plan

Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy: Never Ever Give Up on a Dream! Never!

Never giving up on its dream of a new and expanded facility, Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy gathered its forces to reassess the feasibility of a capital project in earnest. As such, KSC was invited in April 2018 to facilitate a project-centered retreat with the school’s Board and project consultants. The session was designed to tap into the wisdom of the crowd by determining the most cost effective and timely way forward.

 Focusing on the school’s key capacities to assess readiness for a Capital Project—Leadership, Administrative, Community, Giving, and Fiscal, the group worked to identify persistent obstacles and current solutions to progress. In addition, considerable attention was given to introducing a project path as well as project models and success stories that provide perspective and inspiration. NKMA and KSC continue to move the feasibility studies forward while simultaneously sowing the seeds of a Campaign leadership effort.

Hillside Montessori of LaGrange’s Fast-Track Capital Project, LaGrange, GA

Having found itself with good fortune and the associated challenge of a fast-tracked facilities need and capital project, Hillside reached out to KSC for immediate project and fundraising support and coordination. The growing school, located an hour south of Atlanta, is the beneficiary of a significant seed grant as well as a donation of land on which to locate its new campus. KSC quickly stepped in to work directly with the Head of School and Board of Trustees to develop the necessary budget, timeline, programming, enrollment forecast and fundraising models upon which to proceed.

Phase 1 of the master planned campus will provide 12,000sf of new classroom, administrative, and community space at a projected cost of $3.2 million. Working on both sides of the project, KSC is presently guiding the school through the early stages of design and pre-development while also supporting the launch of a $1.5 million Capital Campaign. Presently, the project timeline points toward a summer 2020 completion.

The Center School Commences a Big Picture Capital Initiative, Pioneer Valley, MA

The Center School has a good problem: It is growing! But it is presently housed in two aging and inflexible buildings. As a result, its current facilities can no longer serve the highest and best needs of students and staff. In search of solution, the Center School’s Board of Trustees asked KSC to conduct an extensive feasibility study to assess the school’s programming needs as well as the core capacities needed to conduct a successful Capital Project—financial, leadership, administrative, giving, and community.

KSC has now been retained as Project Coordinator to guide the school through all facets of a $10.0 million relocation and redevelopment—funding, permitting, design, and construction, as well as the acquisition of an ideal site to accommodate 25,000sf of new classroom, administrative, and community space.

Greenspring Montessori School Completes Capital Project Phases 1 & 2, Baltimore, MD

What began in spring 2014 as a pressing need to address the deteriorating condition of a single structure on Greenspring’s historic campus evolved into the creation and execution of an inspiring master planned initiative in support of its entire Montessori learning community.

KSC has now guided the first two elements of Greenspring’s three-phase master plan to completion. Phase 1, the Toddler & Children’s House Village East, was completed in November 2018. And in June 2018, the school christened a second Toddler & Children’s House Village. A combination of new construction and total renovation has transformed the turn of the century structures into state of the art, fully prepared Montessori learning and working environments.

The outcome is a gift of 30,000sf of new classroom, administrative, library, learning support communal, and outdoor environments, in addition to the redevelopment of its Montessori Teacher Training Center. The planned final phase is the 5,500sf Elementary Village. In its role as Project Coordinator KSC is responsible for oversight of project permitting, design, financing, construction and the Capital Campaign.

The Academy at Charlemont Launching Boarding Program and Campus Revitalization Project


Set in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, Charlemont Academy draws middle and high school students from the surrounding communities to its bucolic 33 acre New England campus. And now, with a plan to create a boarding program, it has set out to draw students from far beyond the local landscape, even internationally. In addition, the school's main campus is programmed to undergo substantial rejuvenation. 

The catch is the Academy's capital project vision is tied to a very aggressive funding timeline. KSC has been engaged to provide support for the design and launch of a $2.0 million Capital Campaign effort to deliver the new dormitory in time for the 2019-20 school year and to commence the campus improvement project soon thereafter.  

AMS 2018 Annual Conference: KSC Education Consulting’s Presentation

KSC's Kevin Campbell was a presenter at the recent 2018 American Montessori Annual Conference in Denver, CO. The topic, "The Montessori Capital Project: A Path to Stability, Sustainability, and Maturity", was well attended by administrators, trustees, and even a few guides from schools across the nation. The vast majority of attendees were either actively engaged in a Capital Project / Capital Campaign at some point in the lengthy process or contemplating one in their future--an encouraging sign when it comes to Montessori growth.  

 If you were unable to attend the conference, but have a Capital Project on your mind, here is Kevin’s presentation to help you on your way.

All questions or inquiries pertaining to the ideas shared therein are welcome. Please feel free to reach out to Kevin directly at

The Common School

KSC has provided The Common School with ongoing Capital Project and Campaign support over the past year and has now been formally retained to guide the school's $1.0 million 50th Anniversary Fund: a comprehensive campaign designed to deliver the school's Campus Revitalization Plan to a summer 2018 groundbreaking. 

Greenspring Montessori School

KSC is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of Greenspring's three phase Master Campus Planned Capital Project will be ready for occupancy in early November 2017. The 10,500 sf of combined new construction and renovation will be home to seven Toddler (ages 1.5 - 3) and Children House (ages 3 - 6) classrooms, in addition to a community kitchen, administrative offices and meeting space. KSC has been fully responsible for coordination of design, financing, fundraising, and construction for the $4.0 million initial phase.