Trinity Montessori School   Charleston, SC

Founded in 2004, TMS is an infant – grade 6 Christian Montessori School with a thriving community of approximately 60 families and growing. After a period of declining enrollment that paralleled the nation’s economic downturn, TMS found itself in an improving economic climate with increasing student demand and an opportunity to stabilize operations as well as contemplate a more expansive and sustainable role in its Charleston community.

However, possessing modest financial resources and limited expansion options on its existing campus, TMS needed a clearer sense of its growth capacities—financial, leadership, community, operational, academic—and a well defined, reality-based plan of action to guide the way forward.

KSC was invited in to assess the entirety of the school’s integrated systems and, ultimately, to facilitate the essential conversations needed to identify the school’s goals, reflect on its current realities, and plot a dynamic course from one to the other.    

Project Summary

  • Type: School health, growth, and sustainability
  • Details: Operational, program & facilities audit; board & administrative support and structural planning 
  • Outcome: Trinity’s leadership was primed for input and action. As such, it moved immediately on the structural initiatives set in place, the first of which included enhancing the board’s own form, function and ability to support the school’s newly stated goals. From here the action plan quickly gained momentum with improvements to the existing facilities, program enlargement, and groundwork laid for a future capital project and campaign.


If you’re looking to grow your school, and stay authentic to your Montessori curriculum and philosophy, Kevin Campbell is the person to help lead the way. His work with us was motivational and energetic, the delivery of his sound advice was timely and professional, and his recommendations were such that we were able to begin the process to growth right away.
—   Melissa Fleck-Aller, Head of School, Trinity Montessori School