Greenspring Montessori School  Lutherville, MD

Greenspring Montessori School has served the greater Baltimore area since 1962 and has embarked on a facilities-driven Capital Project and Campaign to strengthen and enhance its educational environment through major improvements to its historic seven-acre campus. 

Greenspring presently serves 250 students, toddler through grade 9. Under KSC's complete guidance and support in all areas of the project, the school's compelling obligation to update and improve upon its beloved but aging facilities is underway. Ultimately, the outcome will give rise to a safe, healthy, eco-friendly, cost effective, master planned campus that is wholly responsive in size, scale, order, and flow to the needs of Greenspring’s children, teachers, staff, and parents. 

Project Summary

  • Type: Capital Project coordination
  • Client: Greenspring Montessori School
  • Hard & Soft costs: $7.5 million spread over three phases totaling 25,000 sf of newly constructed and renovated classroom and administrative space.
  • Outcome: Phase 1--Toddler & Children's House Village West--is a 8,890sf blend of new construction and renovation and was completed in November 2017 at a cost of $3.75 million. Phase 2--Toddler & Children's House Village East--is a 10,300sf fully renovated historic structure and was completed in June 2018 at a cost of $2.8 million. Delivery of Phase 3--a 5,000sf Elementary Village--is to follow.

Campaign/Financing Summary

  • Type: Capital Campaign / Loan Coordination
  • Capital Campaign (Phase 1): In its first Capital Campaign, GMS has successfully raised $1.2 million from 84 individual donations and gifts-in-kind.
  • Financing: $4.0 million public county revenue bond secured 


“KSC has the ability to look in and see the issues, identify where growth and strength are needed, and offer the tools to help schools—large and small—to reach and sustain their full potential.”
— Tamara Sheesley-Balis, Head of School, Greenspring Montessori School
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