Greenfield Center School  Greenfield, MA

Founded in 1981, the Center School is a toddler through grade 8 independent school serving the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. Experiencing significant growth and possessing a clear and strong mission-driven desire to build upon and sustain its ability to meet the diverse needs of its students, GCS has been forced to look at its facilities future anew. 

GCS retained KSC to perform a facilities feasibility study geared towards defining the programmatic, locational, and funding options available to the school and the most effective route to pursue them. Subsequently, KSC has undertaken a followup analysis designed to fine tune the scope, cost and timing of a Capital Project as well as further define the sources of funding and the way into a Capital Campaign and project financing.    

Project Summary

  • Type: Capital Project coordination
  • Client: Greenfield Center School
  • Hard & Soft costs: Estimate: $10 million  
  • Outcome: The project is presently in the concept stage of study and design

Campaign/Financing Summary

  • Type: Capital Campaign / Loan Coordination
  • Capital Campaign: $8.0 million; campaign is in the Leadership Phase 
  • Financing: Exploration of financing options in progress


Current campus under feasibility study.