Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy: Never Ever Give Up on a Dream! Never!

Never giving up on its dream of a new and expanded facility, Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy gathered its forces to reassess the feasibility of a capital project in earnest. As such, KSC was invited in April 2018 to facilitate a project-centered retreat with the school’s Board and project consultants. The session was designed to tap into the wisdom of the crowd by determining the most cost effective and timely way forward.

 Focusing on the school’s key capacities to assess readiness for a Capital Project—Leadership, Administrative, Community, Giving, and Fiscal, the group worked to identify persistent obstacles and current solutions to progress. In addition, considerable attention was given to introducing a project path as well as project models and success stories that provide perspective and inspiration. NKMA and KSC continue to move the feasibility studies forward while simultaneously sowing the seeds of a Campaign leadership effort.