Amherst Montessori School  Amherst, MA  

Founded in 1972, Amherst Montessori School is a toddler through grade 6 independent school serving the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. As a consequence of its success, AMS found itself a campus and a community divided, housed in separate locations as owners of a full-to-the-brim 3,000sf schoolhouse and renters of multiple units in a nearby commercial center.

AMS retained KSC to resolve the growing tension between increasing demand for its services and its facilities / financial limitations. The resulting development of 12,800 sf of energy efficient, user-friendly classroom, administrative, and community spaces, including expanded program offerings, has set the school on a unified course toward growth and sustainability.

Project Summary

  • Type: Capital Project coordination; program development; administrative and program support
  • Hard & Soft costs: $2.6 million
  • Outcome: AMS moved into its new home February 2013 on time, on budget

Campaign/Financing Summary

  • Type: Capital Campaign / Loan Coordination
  • Capital Campaign: In its first Capital Campaign, AMS successfully raised $500,000 from 130 individual donations.
  • Financing: $2.0 million construction loan and $1.6 million permanent loan secured.


“KSC’s broad scope of experience in project management, school leadership, and classroom teaching made them invaluable to us as we successfully undertook construction of a 12,800 sf building and $500,000 capital campaign while growing new programs. I would consider it a privilege to work with them again.”
— Laura Miller, Amherst Montessori School, Director of Advancement