Established in 2010, KSC provides integrated project coordination services that include feasibility, planning, design, development, advancement, team and community coordination for schools in the process of growth and strategic reflection and refinement.


Capital Project Coordination

Schools are not in the real estate development business. Nor should they be.
But we are. KSC’s role is to help bridge the structural, financial, governmental, community, and academic elements of the process. In partnership with KSC,
schools remain focused on the business-at-hand: caring for students,
not running a construction company.

Building Project Greenspring Montessori School-5.jpg



• Project feasibility studies

• Financial analysis / budgeting

• Owner representation / advocacy

• Head of School / administration / trustee support and coaching

• Capital Project coordination: site selection & acquisition, planning, design, permitting, construction management, team oversight, financing & fundraising organization    


Capital Advancement

Three things we know for sure when it comes to funding growth: strategic visions aren't cheap; school budgets are lean and growing leaner; and, capital campaigns are labor, time, and skill intensive. KSC helps maximize a school's giving and financing capacity and, in turn, a capital project's financial viability.


• Campaign feasibility studies

• Campaign design / goal setting

• Campaign setup / training / mentoring  

• Gift / pledge tracking; progress reporting

• Campaign event coordination

• Prospective donor cultivation,
stewardship and oversight




Institutional Growth

Institutional growth and change are motivated by an array of forces, such as the need for new programming, increased and more diverse enrollment, upgraded facilities, fiscal stability, a strategic vision or mission clarity. Whatever the driver, KSC facilitates growth and change by bridging the gap between a school’s current and desired states of being.




• Whole school assessment

• Staff development

• Community-raising  

• Parent education

• Program / curriculum development 

• Transition management

• Strategic planning / goal setting