The Common School  Amherst, MA

Founded in 1967, The Common School is a toddler through grade 6 independent school serving the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. In formulating a vision of a master planned campus that would serve the school and its students for the next fifty years, the school launched a multimillion dollar Capital Project and Campaign to bring about a major renewal of its physical plant.

The thoughtfully conceived and designed Capital Project would provide 18,000sf of new and renovated classroom and administrative space designed to meet the growing needs of the school's diverse learning community. The project has proven, however, more difficult than anticipated to launch.

Midway into the pre-development process, TCS invited KSC to perform a complete audit of the project to date, from design to budgeting to fundraising. The resulting findings provided critical recommendations for reducing elements of scope, style, and expenses, as well as outlining a more manageable phased development and fundraising approach to help the project regain momentum. KSC has remained on the project to implement the accepted changes. 

Project Summary

  • Type: Capital Project coordination
  • Hard & Soft costs: Phase 1: $3.25 million; Phases 2 & 3: $1.0 million 
  • Outcome: The project is presently in the pre-development stage of design and permitting.

Campaign/Financing Summary

  • Type: Capital Campaign / Loan Coordination
  • Capital Campaign (Phase 2): $1.0 million; Campaign in progress 
  • Financing: Exploration of financing options in progress