"KSC was instrumental in the creation and success of AMS's Capital Campaign and our 13,000sf, $2.6 million new facilities project. They gave us THE tools to bring the school's 20 year dream to fruition."

—Tamara Sheesley-Balis, Former Head of School, Amherst Montessori School

Our Team

Kevin S. Campbell

Merging more than two decades of teaching and administrative experience at the early childhood through university levels with a prior background in real estate development, Kevin oversees KSC's entire scope of services. Be it growing capital, programs, staff, or facilities through an integrated approach to supporting schools in transition, Kevin guides the entirety of a school community toward fulfilling its mission. 

Kevin possesses a BA and MA in Education. And in his evolving roles as teacher, program founder, Head of School, presenter, and consultant, he has guided several schools in their physical, educational, and fiscal maturation, including most recently shepherding two growing Montessori schools to successful completion of complex, multi-million dollar Capital Facilities Projects and companion Capital Campaigns. 

In addressing the challenge-and-opportunity-driven nature of school growth, Kevin's brings his extensive business and fiscal acumen--fundraising, project planning and oversight, school management, administrative support, teacher training, and classroom teaching--to bear upon on how schools work and how best to serve their needs in the most respectful manner possible. The results are school communities that grow and give, operating and project budgets that balance, programs that inspire and fully enroll, facilities that energize and affirm, staff and faculty that reflect upon and deepen their practice, students that engage possibility and embrace independence, and whole school environments that strive toward shared goals and values.   

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Steve Horton

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With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, ranging from laborer to Chief Operating Officer to Adjunct Professor in Construction Management, and now as Owner of Steve Horton Construction Consulting Services, Steve has found a calling in the role of Owner’s Representative and is a highly accomplished asset to KSC’s “Project Coordination” team. Having guided numerous non-profit, community-oriented, and municipal projects successfully to completion, including public and private schools, Steve is a capital project's fiscal dream-come-true. His deep knowledge-base of every aspect of the project management process and his sensitivity to and advocacy for the Owner's best interests translate into cost-effective design and construction decisions at every turn, thus preserving coveted funds for a school's day-to-day operations.