Hilltop Montessori School (Brattleboro, VT)

For 35 years Hilltop Montessori School has been serving the needs of students ages 3 through grade 8. When the school’s long-term lease was abruptly cancelled it had little more than two years to develop and execute a strategic plan of action that would provide them with a permanent home.

As Head of School at the time, KSC’s principal partner, Kevin Campbell, coordinated the planning, design, financing, fundraising, permitting and construction of 15,000 sf of new and renovated classroom, administrative, and community facilities on a 43 acre campus.

Project Summary

  • Type: Capital project and capital campaign coordination
  • Client: Hilltop Montessori School
  • Hard & Soft costs: $4.3 million
  • Capital Campaign:  $2.5 million
  • Financing: Private—$500,000; public—(USDA) $1.0 million
  • Outcome: HMS moved into its new home June 2010 on time, on budget
  • Website: www.hilltopmontessori.org

Amherst Montessori School (Amherst, MA)

Founded in 1972, Amherst Montessori School is a toddler through grade 6 independent school serving the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. As a consequence of its success, AMS found itself a campus and a community divided, housed in separate locations as owners of a full-to-the-brim 3,000sf schoolhouse and renters of multiple units in a nearby commercial center.

AMS retained KSC to resolve the growing tension between increasing demand for its services and its facilities / financial limitations. The resulting development of 12,800 sf of energy efficient, user-friendly classroom, administrative, and community spaces, including expanded program offerings, has set the school on a unified course toward growth and sustainability.

Project Summary

  • Type: Capital project and capital campaign coordination; program development; administrative support
  • Client: Amherst Montessori School
  • Hard & Soft costs: $2.6 million
  • Capital Campaign: $500,000 (Phase 1)
  • Financing: Private—$1.6 million
  • Outcome: AMS moved into its new home February 2013 on time, on budget
  • Website: www.amherstmontessori.org

"KSC’s broad scope of experience in project management, school leadership, and classroom teaching made them invaluable to us as we successfully undertook construction of a 12,800 sf building and $650,000 capital campaign while growing new programs. I would consider it a privilege to work with them again."

—Laura Miller, Amherst Montessori School, Director of Advancement



Greenspring Montessori School (Lutherville, MD)

With school leadership and the program's faculty in transition, GMS's seven-year old Middle School program was faced with the need to respond to change on several fronts while at the same time forge a reinvigorated identity befitting its potential.

KSC was asked to help the program develop and articulate a clearer sense of its Montessori mission and the capacity to carry it out. The ultimate goal was for the Middle School to assume its critical culminating role within the school’s developmental and educational continuum. 

Project Summary

  • Type: Middle School restructuring
  • Client: Greenspring Montessori School
  • Project Details: Staff, curriculum, and program development
  • Outcome: The refined program and teaching team are entering year two of the adolescent curriculum cycle with an enhanced sense of mission, confidence, stability, and community.
  • Website: www.greenspringmontessori.org


***Photo Credits: KSC would like to thank photographer Matthew D'Agostino and Greenspring Montessori School for providing photos for this page.

Trinity Montessori School (Charleston, SC)

Founded in 2004, TMS is an infant – grade 6 Christian Montessori School with a thriving community of approximately 60 families and growing. After a period of declining enrollment that paralleled the nation’s economic downturn, TMS found itself in an improving economic climate with increasing student demand and an opportunity to stabilize operations as well as contemplate a more expansive and sustainable role in its Charleston community.

However, possessing modest financial resources and limited expansion options on its existing campus, TMS needed a clearer sense of its growth capacities—financial, leadership, community, operational, academic—and a well defined, reality-based plan of action to guide the way forward. KSC was invited in to assess the entirety of the school’s integrated systems and, ultimately, to facilitate the essential conversations needed to identify the school’s goals, reflect on its current realities, and plot a dynamic course from one to the other.    

Project Summary

  • Type: School health, growth, and sustainability
  • Client: Trinity Montessori School
  • Details: Operational, program & facilities audit; board & administrative support and structural planning 
  • Outcome: Trinity’s leadership was primed for input and action. As such, it moved immediately on the structural initiatives set in place, the first of which included enhancing the board’s own form, function and ability to support the school’s newly stated goals. From here the action plan quickly gained momentum with improvements to the existing facilities, program enlargement, and groundwork laid for a future capital project and campaign.
  • Website: http://www.trinitymontessori.com

If you’re looking to grow your school, and stay authentic to your Montessori curriculum and philosophy, Kevin Campbell is the person to help lead the way. His work with us was motivational and energetic, the delivery of his sound advice was timely and professional, and his recommendations were such that we were able to begin the process to growth right away.

Melissa Fleck-Aller, Head of School, Trinity Montessori School

Go Like the Wind Montessori School (Ann Arbor, MI)

An educational leader in the Ann Arbor community since 1987, Go Like the Wind opened its Middle School in 2006 to serve the needs of its rising elementary students. Seven years later the program was striving to gain a satisfactory foothold in a highly competitive middle school market, partly due to strongly held area enrollment patterns and partly to the time it takes for any aspiring adolescent community to sink roots, establish rhythms, and hone its reputation.

KSC was asked to help align the program with its Montessori foundations: to infuse it with dynamic adults, environments, and an authentic commitment to the guiding syllabus. In turn, the program would be more responsive than ever to the needs of its adolescent learners.

Project Summary

  • Type: Middle School restructuring
  • Client: Go Like the Wind Montessori School
  • Project Details: Staff, curriculum and program development
  • Outcome: The program and teaching team are entering year two of the adolescent curriculum cycle and the realignment process: rigor, focus, integrated, independent learning, sense of community and an increasing market presence are evident.
  • Website:  www.golikethewind.com


"KSC has been a consultant for our school for the past two years focusing on strengthening our Adolescent program. They bring a vast body of experience and a deep understanding of Montessori theory."

—Doug Collier, Executive Director, Go Like the Wind Montessori School


Zanetti Montessori Magnet School (Springfield, MA)

Zanetti is a K–8 public school that converted to its present nationally recognized Montessori Magnet curriculum in 1999. In 2010 KSC volunteered its services to assess the state of Zanetti's middle school program, particularly as it concerned the need for teacher training, curriculum refinement, and alterations to the physical environment.

Project Summary

  • Type: Middle School assessment
  • Client: Zanetti Montessori Magnet School
  • Project Details: Staff training, curriculum development
  • Outcome: The local school district has been assessing the benefits of continuing the middle school as part of the Montessori Magnet structure.
  • Website: http://www.sps.springfield.ma.us/zanetti



Montessori Children's House of Nantucket (Nantucket, MA)

The Montessori Children's House of Nantucket, a highly respected early childhood program with 40 students age 3 - 6 years, has been serving the island community's education needs since 1982. In the midst of a leadership transition, MCHN reached out to KSC to provide support and guidance for its board, faculty, and parent community.

KSC helped MCHN's Board of Trustees develop the necessary strategic initiatives to assess and navigate a critical leadership transition, to secure an interim Head of School in an extremely timely manner, and, ultimately, to identify and retain a dynamic permanent HoS. KSC continues to provide leadership coaching for the Board and MCHN's administrative team.

Project Summary

  • Type: Board of Trustees and Head of School transition and leadership support
  • Client: Montessori Children's House of Nantucket
  • Outcome:  Parallel support and oversight structures were set successfully in place to ensure a seamless transition to a new Head of School. Ongoing Head of School mentoring and Board guidance has lead to the development of an updated strategic action plan and preparation for a full review of the school’s policies, programming, identity, and facilities. Concurrently, MCHN’s board is focusing on its own growth and ways to best support the school community.   
  • Website: http://www.mchnantucket.org

Kevin came to us during a period of transition and provided perspective, advice, sensitivity and a practical and individualized approach that transitioned our program into a period of positive growth and healthy relationships. He entered our school environment with an open mind and an interest in the concerns of all stakeholders, bringing a balance of experience and instinct that enabled him to work quickly and effectively in a time of need.

Stephanie McGrath, Head of School, MCHN

Kevin helped MCHN and its board tremendously. He brought us from a place of instability to a place of calm and clarity through careful mining of information and goal setting at the staff, board and community levels. He is a natural coach.

Suzanne Forsyth, Board Chair, MCHN

Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy (Crescent Springs, KY)

As with many small, independent schools, NKMA was faced with the circular need to expand physically and programmatically in order to meet the growing demand for its services while being fiscally challenged to fund such growth. KSC was asked to provide NKMA’s Board of Trustees with a road map to facilities expansion and the parent community with insight into the benefits of an extended Montessori program continuum.  

Project Summary

  • Type: School growth; strategic facilities planning
  • Client: Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy
  • Details: Parent education, Head of School / Trustees support
  • Outcome: Successful program expansion into the Elementary levels; basis for dialogue on feasibility and timing of future facilities expansion is on firmer ground and ongoing
  • Website: http://www.nkmacademy.org


Quest Montessori School (Narragansett, RI)

In its desire to grow an authentic Montessori middle school program, Quest’s Board of Trustees retained KSC to assess the overall feasibility of the plan as well as present the vision to the parent community.

Project Summary

  • Type: Middle School development
  • Client: Quest Montessori School
  • Project Details: Board / parent education on growth of a middle school
  • Outcome: Middle School program was successfully launched
  • Website: http://www.questschool.org



Girls on the Run Vermont (Brattleboro, VT)

Girls on the Run Vermont is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 with 15 girls participating in the pilot program. Since then, GOTR/VT has grown exponentially, inspiring over 35,000 girls. Mentored by 850 volunteers, over 3,000 girls participate annually in a 10-week school-based program that teaches girls life skills and self-esteem through non-competitive physical activity, team-building, and community awareness. The program culminates each year in a celebratory 5k Run/Walk in three locations across Vermont. 

GOTR is still growing. There are more girls and communities across the state needing its support. Therein lies its organizational challenge and calling: to further its mission to inspire every girl within its reach to be joyful, healthy, and confident. 

In 2015, GOTR VT’s Executive Director asked KSC to helps its Board of Directors articulate a strategic vision and formulate a structural action plan. The process would commence with a complete organizational restructuring to be followed by the development of an expanded statewide network of partners, resources, allies, and funding sources. It would conclude with the enhanced capacity to serve more girls, more families, more communities, in more ways, and with greater frequency.

Project Summary

  • Type: Organizational growth and sustainability
  • Client: Girls on the Run Vermont
  • Outcome: GOTR has successfully completed its organizational restructuring, is in its first operational year with an enhanced administrative team and geographical scope, and is presently advancing its plan to broaden and strengthen both its development capacity and its range of private and public sector partnerships.   
  • Website: http://www.gotrvt.org


Kevin helped us carefully lay out our goals and then brought us back to the actual work of achieving these goals through the creation of specific, integrated, and manageable action steps. It is one thing to think big (and Kevin does that!), but another thing to step back and thoughtfully examine how exactly those big dreams are going to be achieved.

Nancy Heydinger, Founder/Executive Director,
Girls on the Run Vermont