Helping Schools and community-based NONPROFIT organizations Grow


Project Coordination

Schools are not in the real estate development and facilities expansion business. Nor should they be. But we are. Our greatest asset is the ability to bring a whole-school approach to any Capital Project by supporting and guiding busy school communities in times of critical and complex physical transitions. By hiring KSC everyone can remain focused on the business-at-hand: caring for the children, not running a construction company.


Capital Advancement

Every school must develop a culture of giving. Be it a desire for physical expansion, a healthier / greener facility, or the security of a home of one's own, there are three things we know for sure when it comes to funding capital projects: 1. Strategic visions aren't cheap; 2. School budgets are lean and growing leaner; 3. Capital Campaigns are labor, time, and skill intensive endeavors. We enhance a school's giving capacity and a project's  financial viability.    

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Institutional Growth

Growth is an intrinsic and adaptive part of a school's nature. Properly facilitated, it's a timely, healthy and dynamic process. Growth can be philosophical, pedagogical, or physical in its impetus. It can be inspired by the need for professional development, a new classroom or program, or to deepen values and mission. The key is for growth to result from a proactive and thoughtful process. We guide schools toward and through these necessary changes.