Greenspring Montessori School

Lutherville, MD

With school leadership and the program's philosophy and faculty in transition, Greenspring's Adolescent Community was faced with the need to respond to change on several fronts while at the same time forge a reinvigorated, authentic identity befitting its potential.

KSC was asked to help the program develop and articulate a clearer sense of its Montessori mission and the capacity to carry it out. The ultimate goal was for the Adolescent Community to assume its critical culminating role within the school’s developmental and educational continuum. 

Project Summary

  • Type: Program restructuring
  • Project Details: Staff, curriculum, and program development
  • Outcome: The refined program and teaching team were set firmly and confidently into the adolescent curriculum cycle with an enhanced sense of mission, confidence, stability, and community.


***Photo Credits: KSC would like to thank photographer Matthew D'Agostino and Greenspring Montessori School for providing photos for this page.