Go Like the Wind Montessori School  Ann Arbor, MI

An educational leader in the Ann Arbor community since 1987, Go Like the Wind opened its Adolescent Community in 2006 to serve the needs of its rising elementary students. Seven years later the program was striving to gain a satisfactory foothold in a highly competitive middle school market, partly due to strongly held area enrollment patterns and partly to the time it takes for any aspiring adolescent community to sink roots, establish rhythms, and hone its reputation.

KSC was asked to help align the program with its Montessori foundations: to infuse it with dynamic adults, environments, and an authentic commitment to the guiding syllabus. In turn, the program would be more responsive than ever to the needs of its adolescent learners.

Project Summary

  • Type: Administrative & Board support. Adolescent Community restructuring
  • Project Details: Staff, curriculum and program development
  • Outcome: The program and teaching team were fully oriented and set squarely into the adolescent curriculum cycle and realignment process. It is on its way to solidifying an enhanced Montessori sense of rigor, focus, integrated and independent learning, and community, as well as to increasing its market presence. 
  • Website:  www.golikethewind.com

“KSC has been a consultant for our school for the past two years focusing on strengthening our Adolescent program. They bring a vast body of experience and a deep understanding of Montessori theory.”
— Doug Collier, Executive Director, Go Like the Wind Montessori School