Our Purpose

KSC Education Consulting provides comprehensive and integrated development, advancement, and project management services to schools, independent and public, that are in the process of capital expansion, program growth, and curricular / structural refinement. The process includes capital campaign design and oversight, facilities development coordination, and general administrative, faculty, board, and curricular support. 

 -- 3rd grader's rendering of her new school 

 -- 3rd grader's rendering of her new school 

Our Story

Established in 2010, KSC's synergistic roots reach into real estate planning and development in the 1980s, classroom teaching and program startups in the 1990s, school administration and development in the 2000s. When combining these three decades of complementary experiences and expertise with an unbridled desire to be of use to school communities far and wide and a deep concern for their collective future, the result is an integrated and holistic ability to help schools achieve the fullness of their potential.

"KSC has the ability to look in and see the issues, identify where growth and strength are needed, and offer the tools to help schools—large and small—to reach and sustain their full potential."

—Tamara Sheesley-Balis, Head of School, Greenspring Montessori School

Though our work-to-date has focused on public and private Montessori schools, our model for school support is universal by design. From our perspective, all schools are alive. They have moods and experience phases of development much like the students that inhabit them. Therefore, schools are extraordinarily busy, complex, and interrelated environments that must be given the opportunity to grow and flourish. They must possess a shared vision of what can be.  With our experience as teachers and administrators, educational trainers and fundraisers, school developers and owner's representatives, KSC supports school growth by directly supporting the entirety of the school community: faculty, administrators, parents, students, and trustees alike.